Sunday, March 17

Keith inspired me to start blogging. I had great intentions of making gorgeous baby books for the twins that are due any day, but you know, it just never happened. So I figured that the best I can do for now is start blogging about what life is like now, and then make it into a book or something later.

Anyway, here's the introductory information.

We're Cate & Rhys (well, I'm Cate, who knows what Rhys will think of this). I'm pregnant with twins (a boy and a girl) due 4/17, but who will probably come before the beginning of April. It took a long time and a lot of heartache to get here, but we're so thrilled now. We're in an odd time right now, waiting for these kids to be born, excited and full of anticipation for them, but also a little wistful about how this part of our lives will be over. We have been together for 10 years now, and we're so eager to be moms, but this will be a whole new adventure. After a lot of ups and downs in the past week, thinking it was about to happen, then thinking it wasn't about to happen, my feelings are really mixed about this experience ending. I probably won't get to experience pregnancy again, so it's saying goodbye to a pretty amazing experience. We don't know if we'll have any more kids, but Rhys definitely has dibs on the next biological experience! :)

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