Friday, December 10


Oh lordy, of course I have to make this complicated. Don't update anything yet--I've just registered, but it's going to take a little while to get everything set up and the typepad site linked there. I'm doing this because after wrestling with typepad, I can tell I don't want to get locked into that system forever (sheesh, anytime you want to do anything YOURSELF, you have to upgrade!). So if I just register a domain, then I can move things around with minimal disruption to you, gentle blog reader.

So, who can tell me how to add my bloglines blogroll to my typepad sidebar. Anyone?

If anyone is still reading me by the time I finish messing things up, it will be a small miracle, I think.


Anonymous said...

When you go to bloglines, there is a section in the "Extras" where you can get a Subscribe to bloglines button for your blog. You choose the icon, then put your URL in a box, and they will generate the code for you to put on your blog. Super easy.

Good luck,


Anonymous said...

Still reading - I peeked at typepad from behind a chair and can't get up the courage to give it a try. I do everything by hand. Yes, no blogger, no pretty programme, I just type in the dhtml ;( There's got to be another way.

Anne at Alternative Knitting

keith said...

congrats on the domain purchase! after 2+ years of blogger, i've had to learn a lot about tweaking it, but that doesn't mean i still don't want to move - anxious to hear how the typepad conversion goes.

and yes, blogger commenting sucks...if i don't switch off blogger, must install haloscan...

Robin said...

On TypePad it's called a TypeList. Of the four tabs at the top of the page, one is labeled TypeLists. Go there to set up your blogroll. Save it. Then you have to got to the tab that says Weblogs. Choose your blog and go to: Configure, then Display. Under display you can choose what will appear on each blog as well as on our About page.

That sounds horrible but it's not so bad. The tricky thing is remember to save along the way.

Jenifer said...

Cate -- I've missed you! I didn't realize you'd changed to -- you might want to update this blog so others know, too. :)))