Tuesday, June 29

So what the heck happened to my sidebar? I swear, I didn't touch it. I haven't even been into the template since last week! Now I'm going to have to go doodling around in there and then I'll *really* mess it up.

Knitting content: Divided for the shoulders. I did the short rows for the bust. Only two sets because (a) I'll be wearing a bra so presumably I won't have the full gory G-cup to account for and (b) it would have come down to my knees if I had done all the short rows. As it was, I had to start the armholes immediately after the short-rows. I'm still not sure how it's going to look--it seems like the "dart" is a little high. I won't be able to tell for sure until I finish the shoulder straps. I did 12 wraps in a row instead of two sets of 6. I'm not sure that was right, but two sets of six would have made a weird double-dart thing that I think would have looked worse. I may need to re-read Maggie Righetti's design book to figure out the right way to do this.

I've been reading some amazing blogs from IVFers, thanks to my friend Gina (ginabeaner). I feel like I know these people already, though of course they don't know jack about me. I wonder what mayhem we might have caused if the BIW (bitter infertile women, a little email loop I founded with a couple of friends) had known about the blogosphere back in the day. Anyway, here are some brilliant struggles: The Naked Ovary (includes an infertility comic strip!), a little pregnant (don't know how I wound up LMAO about such sad, hard stuff, but yeah, I did), and So Close (wow, how bad do I want this to work out for her). It brings it all right back, not that it wasn't there to begin with.

Well, after all that tragedy today, I am going to pick up my amazing children from daycare. I am going to hug them extra hard today. Even if they have a very bad case of two-ness, I am the luckiest woman in the world that they decided to show up in my life. I've almost gotten to the point where I've stopped pinching myself, though it's still a little hard to believe that this is really my life, the life I used to long for and dream about. May those other mamas to be look back from this happy place soon too.

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Anonymous said...

Your daughter is gorgeous. I tried to learn how to knit a while ago, but was useless at it. My fingers got reallllllly tired.

Thanks for your post--it was really sweet of you to include me. I'll have to peruse your site a bit more!

--Karen, Naked Ovary