Thursday, July 1

Get yer high-quality marketing research advice here folks.

I am, in another window on this self-same computer, advising a client to continue to use bathroom stall flyers for marketing and promotion.

I struggle with finding a noun to continue this paragraph:

...focus group participants reported high awareness and positive reactions to XYZ’s bathroom stall flyers. XYZ should continue to communicate with students through this

This what? Channel? Brings up too many images of plumbing. Medium?

Bleagh. OK, back to it. I'll come up with something. Comments with ideas are welcome. I may foobar it for now, and await the wisdom of the masses (ok, the 5 close friends who I think, optimistically, might read my blog from time to time).


Anonymous said...

My vote is for "outlet"


very evil grin :) _ Sara

Cate said...

Oh, the restraint it will take to not put that in the report! Thanks for the giggle...