Friday, July 16

Last spinning class last night. Boo hoo. Sniff sniff. I am going to see if I can keep my rental wheel until the Lendrums come in. I'm happy to pay for another month of rental if I can apply it to the cost of the new wheel.

The teacher suggested we try a new fiber so that we can get help during the last class. So I bought a silk cap and tried that. What fun! It was initially hard to draft, but once she told me that I had to really fan out the fibers before starting to spin, I had no problem and it just trucked along. So now I have another UFO. I think my plan is this: I'm going to spin the rest of the cap, ply it, then dye/paint it when we do our dye project on vacation (I've ordered a starter kit and plan to have a day of dyeing when we're vacationing with Sara and family). Then the YARN, not a FO, or perhaps I should say, not a FKO, will be my birthday present for MIL, who is a knitter herself. Pretty neat trick, huh? Of course, that's only if I can restrain myself from starting this with it.

In other news, the merino top that had originally been intended for socks, but turned out too soft and probably a bit too chunky (4 sts/in in stst) for socks is now destined to be...haiku, a cuff-to-cuff cardigan for a kid!

And a good day's work was had by all. Oh yeah, I also finished a timeline for the end of my grant (for someone who's ready to move on, it was a bit wistful), started a focus group report, and initiated a major data request, so it wasn't all surfing around for knitting patterns and daydreaming about spinning, I promise!

Photo of silk on the bobbin to come, probably later in the weekend since we're having Giz and her family over for an overnight visit! Can't wait to see them, so I'm outta here...

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