Monday, July 12

Wow, re-read my Friday entry and what a boring yammer that was! Thanks for putting up with me blabbering on about the stuff I was going to buy, etc. I was in one of those weird Webs-induced fiber binges. Not a pretty sight. Sorry you had to witness it. Thank goodness for the cute kids. Here's more, as penance for writing the drivel below.

In other news, I've started spinning Zeus, and he's lovely. I'm not even carding it, just flicking a bit and spinning from the locks. It's working great. I'm trying to match a very fine yarn for a pattern, so I'm spinning it quite fine. It's so easy to spin, though, it's no problem.

Dyeing went great at class. I will take pics and post them. I wish I had taken a picture in the skein--I knitted up the .9 oz of fiber into a pair of toddler mittens by the skin of my teeth.

I'm done spinning and plying the 5 oz of merino top. It was going to be socks, but now that I've started to swatch it and can feel how positively satiny it is, it's going to have to be something showier. Maybe more kid cardis. The good news is that it's easy to get more.

Got three bags of the berroco echo (labels removed) at $1 a ball. One will go to Kimmy (a teacher at the kids' school who is learning to knit and is using dreadful acrylics because she's a daycare teacher and can't buy fancy stuff). The rest are up to me. I figure I shopped my stash for the shapely so this is just the universe righting itself.

Well, this is turning out as bad as the post from Friday. Must go to bed. My EZ book (Knitting Without Tears) just reappeared after going missing for a long time, so I'm having fun reacquainting myself. And I'd like to finish Shapely before the summer is over. Nighty night...

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