Friday, August 6

Blogging. Right. Hello again!

Wow, August is insanely busy. It's always like this, but I retain this idea of lazy summer days. Sure, between cramming in vacations, visits, celebrations, and oh yeah, all the "gotta do before the school year starts" stuff at work. Sigh.

Coming back from our vacation has been hard. Sheba, my 12-year-old dog, is not doing terribly well, and having been away for a week made me realize, frankly, how much I resent it. I feel terrible about it, but there's already a lot of cleaning up of bodily fluids in my life, and it's hard to have more, that's all. We're sticking with her and giving her the old age she deserves, but it's just hard.

The kids have had a hard adjustment. They love daycare, but they'd rather be home with the moms, and the feeling is mutual. So there have been a lot of tantrums about going to school in the morning. In the midst of all this, I got a freelance project I bid on (it's actually for my current employer), so that means even more to do in August and September, and I'll need to figure out extra child care. We're hoping Rhys can take some time. They would all love that, and so would I.

So, after being away last week, then staying over at Nana's on Wednesday, we're off to Maine for the weekend. We're staying in a tiny house with like 7 other people. It should be very, very interesting. I am bringing my credit card in case we need to find a Super 8 motel at the last minute.

Hopefully more, with pics, next week.

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