Sunday, August 1


I actually mixed the dyes and painted this by moonlight, if you can believe it! This, hopefully, will be my birthday present for MIL. It's plain "domestic wool" roving in the center, and the two silk caps are in back. I haven't spun this up yet (it's actually not totally dry yet).


Anonymous said...

Hey Cate,
Welcome back. looks like you had a good time. Great job with the sweater.


Impetua said...

I've been meaning to tell you, I don't do anything related to the fiber arts (calligraphy more my bag) but a friend in Nome, Alaska, just sent me a little sandwich sized baggie full of quiviat (not sure of spelling) which is the under-fur of a musk ox. They have a herd of them outside Nome (maybe more than one herd for all I know) and they shed their fur in spring; the locals go out searching for the wool which collects on the shrubbery. People pay big bucks for it, not sure how much but it's like hundreds of dollars per ounce or something outrageous. I guess it makes wonderful yarn.

I know she didn't send me enough to be truly useful but if you would like it to play with, i.e. spin into a little piece of yarn or whatever, let me know and we can arrange for me to mail it to you! I'd be curious as to your opinion of it since you seem to know something about these things.

Also, ignorant as I am, your yarns and garment sure look wonderful! Beautiful colors etc.

Cate said...

Wow, Impetua, that would be great! I've never tried Quiviut, but you're right, it's wicked expensive--similar to Cashmere. Email me at caterowen at yahoo dot com. Of course, I'll pay for postage. You could, btw, put it up on ebay and probably get $20 an ounce for it, and I wouldn't mind if you did, but if you just want to find a home for it, I'm ready and willing, LOL.

Thanks again!


Cate said...

Thanks Gina, and thanks for the kudos on the sweater. I'm pretty happy with it. I have a photo of it that I'll post whenever I have a chance (who knows when that will be, LOL). I think it fits really nicely. It seems like a lot of people on the knitalong had trouble with the fit, though, which is too bad. I frequently make things that turn out to not be exactly right in terms of size, so it's kind of surprising that mine is a-okay. I guess the lesson there is to measure and adjust, which I've been told a million times, but there you go.

Hope all is well--don't be a stranger, girl. :)