Friday, August 27

I'll Be Back

I'm headed out to the Vineyard at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, so it will probably be labor day before I'm blogging again.

We'll be staying at DP's family's house in Chilmark. It's a great place--pretty rustic, but not uncomfortably so. There's no electricity, but there's propane so there's hot water, stove, even a propane-powered refrigerator. Two years ago they replaced the flush toilet with a composting toilet, which was really a bummer, but other than that it's great. It's right on the pond--much closer than you could ever build today--and you can hear the ocean across the pond. I'm hoping this year is a lot more manageable--last year the kids just careened around the place, which is encircled by poison ivy-infested brush, with no ability to process verbal warnings of danger, etc. So I never sat down, basically. This year, I'm hoping to sit down at least occasionally.

I'm bringing my wheel, but not my dyeing stuff. I think it will be nice to spin by candlelight like my ancestors did (of course, they probably went blind that way, huh?). I'm bringing Zeus--trying to get back to it. That's what I want to concentrate on, so I stay somewhat consistent! For knitting, I'll be bringing my diagonal progression sweater that was on hold for 3 years (it was knitted primarily in IVF waiting rooms, now it just needs to be finished). I hope to be able to wear it when I return. Also Eleanor's Haiku, which is looking great, and I expect to have that finished too, since it's taking no time to knit and I think I have enough spun to finish both sleeves. Finally, I have a t-top I'm making out of that Berroco seconds yarn (sorry no links but I am in a rush) for Rhys. Just in case I finish all the rest of those and have nothing else to do. :) Oh, and a pair of socks that have been my "throw in the purse" project for about 2 years now. They're inches away from completion too.

I want to start some solstice knitting, but with all these half-finished projects, I have forbidden myself from starting anything new. However, I think I will be warming feet with felted booties this winter. Hopefully I'll get back with a few FOs to report and be ready to start some solstice knitting.

Have a great week!

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