Tuesday, September 28

A closer look at the sleeves. I got pretty OCD about matching the stripes in the extended garter stitch section. I think three balls of yarn were involved. It came out pretty close, and I'm happy with it. I think that will be the part where symmetry will be most visible. So much for the free-spirit who will just let the stripes fall where they may. It is pretty far from the way I see myself, I have to admit. If I hadn't been in a knit along, though, this stripe-matching business never would have occurred to me. It was just from seeing other bloggers photos and hearing people talk about their approach to matching vs. randomness that got me thinking about what I wanted. I didn't match the middle of the sleeves at all, as you can see, and I'm only doing the most cursory selection and placement in the front/back. I'm fine with seaming non-matching stripes. I mean, the seams are one of the least visible parts of the sweater.

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Anonymous said...

great colors! looks wonderful.