Monday, September 20

Here is Klaralund so far. I'm about 1/2" away from the end of the first sleeve. I cast on for a 38, but I changed it to a 40. There is only a 2 stitch difference in the sleeve, so I just increased one stitch at each end of the sleeve somewhere just above the elbow. I actually did it on the row after joining the second ball of yarn so I wouldn't have to count rows on the other sleeve...laziness is the mother of invention, apparently. This is colorway #37 in Noro Silk Garden. I'm really enjoying it. I've never knit with Noro before, and it's a lot of fun to knit. I knit from the inside of a center-pull ball, and it's kind of cool to be surprised about what's coming next. Of course, all the time I'm thinking about how I can do this with my own yarn. I'd LOVE to try to dye some white brown sheep yarn in a similar way, but I think I'd need a swift the size of a Volkswagen and an enormous dye studio to do it. It would actually be pretty easy to do if I dye roving (because the dyed areas stretch out when you spin them), but I'm not sure I want to spin a bunch of yarn just to felt it. But it would save me from sewing in those ends, huh?

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Dave, Jen, Conor and Lia said...

Hello, Cate! Just checking in on you -- Klaralund is gorgeous, and your colors are magnificent!
Jenifer in CO