Tuesday, September 28

Here is Klaralund so far (color #37). Excuse the junk on the living room floor, LOL. I have priorities (knitting!). I'm going on a one-night business trip on Thursday,and I'm going to finish it on the plane, I hope. I've even printed out the new list of permitted carryon items, which includes knitting needles, just in case the bag inspectors try to take them from me, grin.


KnitSteph said...

Welcome to FiberRAOK!!

Anonymous said...

Hi and welcome, from another RAOK-er!
Love your Klaralund. I'm living vicariously through all the knit-alongers who are making this lovely sweater!

I read down through your blog a bit and I think that the potato masher idea for felting is just inspired! I'll have to try that on my next felting project!


Anonymous said...

Second time trying to post a comment, I don't think Blogger likes me tonight!

I just wanted to say hello and welcome to RAOK!

Your Klaralund is lovely. I'm living vicariously through the folks participating in that knit-along!
I also read down your blog a bit and I LOVE the idea of the potato masher to help the felting along! I'm definitely going to steal that idea! :)
See you around the RAOK ring!


Anonymous said...

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