Sunday, September 12

I just can't stay on a diet

I've just started a very lenient--I can't even call it low-carb--really more like "less white flour and sugar fewer times a day" diet. It seems to be making a huge difference in my energy level, and energy level has been a big issue for me lately. I'm trying to get over a thrush incident (no, I'm not desperately ill, just bfing; it makes you more susceptible), and white sugar and flour apparently feeds the stuff. Unsweetened yogurt, here I come! Bon appetit! Hopefully the energy bonus will keep me honest. I will miss peanut butter m&ms.

But I didn't want to blog about a food diet. I'm blogging about my yarn and project diet. I was supposed to be finishing up my current projects, with Solstice knitting and spinning Zeus (the shetland for an Aran cardi) taking up the whole fall.

Then I saw this. Klaralund. I don't normally buy expensive yarns like Noro. I go to the back of Webs, in the warehouse, and I find amazing bargains on unknown yarns of great quality, but little renown. I don't spend nearly $10 a ball for 50g of fancy-schmancy yarn that everyone on the net is scrambling over. Well, I didn't. Now I have. I just spent more than I have in a LOOOONG time for yarn for a sweater--$97 for 11 balls of Noro Silk Garden (which, btw, is a great deal). But living a mile from Webs makes you a bit grumpy about paying more than $50 for a sweater's worth of yarn. But this one is just so gorgeous, and it's right up my alley.

So I'm almost, almost, ALLLLMOST done with Haiku. I'm talking 10 rows on the sleeves and then I have to sew it up. Diagonal progression--still sewing. Self-striping socks--toe decreases and grafting. Then there are the bigger projects--Zeus and the soy silk shawl (which I dread, I must admit). But Klaralund is just going to have to skip the line. Sorry. I figure I have until Wednesday before the yarn arrives. I can finish Haiku by then, right? And this one will knit quickly, so I can still make a nice collection of booties for Solstice.

Tell me it's okay, will ya? And dj, do I need a meeting?

What's done is done.


Jessica said...

Wool Needlework ( has Silk Garden for $6.49.

Cate said...

Hey Jessica.

I saw that post on the KAL, but when I went to the site, the shipping, plus the difference in the cost of the pattern book (Jenifer sells it for $10, no shipping if you buy it with yarn), made it only slightly cheaper, and shipping from Canada can be incredibly unpredictable, unless it's predictably long, LOL. Also I don't think she had the color I wanted. But I think if you already had the book or you were buying a lot of yarn (she has an $7+4% shipping rate), it might work well.

I will try VERY hard not to develop a Noro addiction--I don't think I have the bank account for it--but if I do, I will definitely use them. This time, though, Jenifer's ebay store was a better deal for me since I'm IMPATIENT. Webs doesn't carry silk garden (they do carry Kureyon), but with no shipping, no tax (no tax on yarn in Mass. because they figure you use it to make clothing, which is tax free here, why do people call this place taxachusetts?), and the 20% discount it might be worth getting it there if they have it. But the other LYS in town probably charges $20 a skein for it, LOL. I should find out what they charge, actually, since I think I can still get 30% gift certificates from there from a local radio station. I should actually check out that deal for future reference--I don't even know if they carry Noro, I usually just go in there and think "nice yarn, would never buy it for this much money!"

Anyhoo, that's a good link if you're willing to wait for Canadian shipping, grin. Thanks!

keith said...

mostly, the peanut butter m&m's reference brought me a smile. how did i remember that after all of these years that they are your favorite?

Jessica said...

Apparantly they ship really quickly. My friend ordered some yarn and had it shipped to my house because she's going on vacation. It arrived before she even left.