Tuesday, September 28

Fuzzy Feet are Felted! Well, technically fulled, but whatever. Only problem: they're too small. I started out hand-felting them in the tub with a potato masher. It was going, but it was going slowly, so I threw them in the wash with a pair of jeans and a mini-football. I have a front-loader, and everything I've read says that front-loaders take forever to felt (usually 3 passes at least), so I figured, let them go through one cycle without checking, then check the second time around (or go back to hand-felting to get the right size). Took 'em out, and they're a perfect size seven (SIL is a 9.5). WHOOPS! So they'll be keeping my friend Aileen's feet warm. I think she's the only person I know who has size 7 feet. If it turns out you know me and YOU have size 7 feet, you'd better comment now because she wasn't properly enthusiastic when I mentioned it to her (and really, I didn't get all "I SUPPOSE I'll give them to you..."). So if I don't get proper appreciation, well, small-footed friends better step up! :) But I'll be making more of these. They're spectacularly quick and quite easy. Plus with the little addi circs, for some reason, it's easier to knit while nursing.


Anonymous said...

Terry! She's a size 7.



Cate said...

I thought maybe she was. But does she have the proper appreciation for knitted gifts? I remember all those comments about making loops in string when we were on vacation. Is she WORTHY? :) Right now Rhinebeck looks like a go. Rhys is going to a scrapbooking thingy on Sunday night, so I was thinking we'd spend the day out there, eat dinner there, and then go to sleep in the car. No hotel rooms available in the general area, unfortunately, so I think we'd do a day trip. It's about 2 hours from here so does that mean 3 hours from you? What do you think? I suppose we could have this conversation on email, huh? LOL.

Anonymous said...

ROFL - re Terry's worthiness - she has been known to query hopefully about the status of the sweater I've been knitting her for eons (the aran where i only have 3/4 of the instructions). She is pretty picky about slippers though, so she might not be perfectly worthy :)

I think Rhinebeck is 3-4 hours from here, maybe closer to 3 or 3.5. A day trip - ugh. Sleeping in the car - hmm, I can check and see if anyone from here is going and if we could add ourselves to their hotel rooms.

I need to get to DC by first thing Monday am, so I was thinking I'd fly from Albany on Sun.

ayuh, email! Sara