Wednesday, September 15

Stalking the Mailman

Ooh, ooh! Here it is. The goods to start Klaralund. My daughter has taken to yelling "SCORE!" like an Italian sports announcer from the back of the car. But that's what I said when Joe (that's Joe the mailman, one of many on my block) handed me the box. It's not like we were all standing there waiting by the mailbox. Okay, that's exactly what it was like, but whatever.

I have swatched and got it in one on #8 needles, so I'm off to the races. I cast on while standing in a playground saying "please let Henry have a you need help with that?....that slide is really fast, let me catch you at the bottom..." etc. (Unfortunately, the playground at our CSA is a bunch of broken toys with no safety features--I'm really anything but a hoverer when it comes to playgrounds.) Then the last few stitches were cast on while waiting in stop and go traffic--turned out I had a state trooper behind me. WHOOPS! Anyway, I'll definitely count again before I start knitting.

I am about 70% of the way through my first striped Fuzzy Feet--I should have taken a pic of that too. I'm going to try to finish that up before I knit any more on Klaralund. Really I am. :) Of course, then it's just second sock syndrome and there's nothing good about that. Oh yeah, and I have to work on the surveymonkey tonight.

We've had a barfing/pooping thing here at the house last night and this morning. Henry and I were up going through every clean item of clothing for much of the night. He was very tired this morning, but once he could get some advil down (he couldn't even stomach milky for a while there--this is serious!), he perked right up and we were able to run some errands. We actually had a rather nice afternoon, including an utterly civilized dinner at the deli at Whole Foods. It is odd, though, that my kids act like other people's kids (calm, compliant, and to bed with little fuss) only when they're running a fever. I am not sure what to think about that. I think my solution will be to not think about it too much.


Anonymous said...

bwaaaahaaaahhaaaaa re the "other people's kids" thing - right, they're all just like little stepford wives in training, calm, compliant, no spirit at all...

Hannah got a *fierce* warning with the oh so "righhttt, that's the mama I want to be" in the middle of the night last night: "Hannah, I'm gonna whack you if you're not quiet". She was off on a bout of incontrollable "but I don't wanna sleep" whining at 4:30 am, while in MY bed and kicking me with her knees. Normally, I pride myself on not ever remotely thinking about whacking my kids (you know, quite different from my own upbringing, where whacks were not uncommon). But while 1/2 way still sleeping, and very irritated at her lack of respect while 1/2 asleep herself, well, what can I say :)

She woke up remembering nothing about the event, so whatever.

anyway - you made me chuckle. Whoo hoo on the Noro!!! I'm still stuck in carding h*ll.

-- Sara

Dave, Jen, Conor and Lia said...

Hi Cate --

Love seeing the Noro at your house! I really think that this is such a beautiful color ... if only I could do a Klaralund in every gorgeous Silk Garden that I see! Ha. Your kids look about the same age as my daughter -- just turned 2 -- and I *always* knit at the playground, while other mom/dads "helicopter" their kids. Hey, we've gotta get our knitting in when we can, right? Klaralund is the best kind of playground knit, too ... I also started with the sleeves, and I'm almost done with #2 ... the front/backs will fly, this way. Enjoy!

Cate said...

LOL about other people's children. I thought of that when I wrote it. But I stand by it. My playgroup is full of people who say things like, "When we moved from a crib to a toddler bed, my dd did great. She's only gotten out of bed after being put to bed once or twice in the 6 months since we've had it." (quote from playgroup listserv as of yesterday) and "We just kept him in the stroller when we spent 6 hours at the mall," and "We just keep Johnny in the high chair." It's that use of the word "JUST" that tips me off. Of course I worry about these kids being overweight or whatever--something--when they're older--maybe too susceptible to peer pressure or something--but man, I could use a little compliant passivity around here. But yeah, I'm not talking about Hannah here. Hannah is cut from the same cloth as my two small hurricanes.

As for the bad mommy moment, thanks for reminding me that I'm not the only one who loses her cool. I've been doing a lot better, actually, since dropping the sugar/white flour. Hmmm. If it were me, I'd put a buck in the therapy fund and be done with it. Anyway, Hannah's the kind of kid who laughs at you when you say shit like that. Henry's that kind of kid too.

Cate said...

Thanks Jenifer. My kids rarely let me knit for long, but I'm hoping next summer that I will be able to sit and watch them play instead of being roped in to every game. Not to say that I don't like playing with them, but there are times when I want to be the tickle monster on the slide and times when a little Klaralund progress on the park bench would be just the ticket.

Last night I actually did more on the Fuzzy Feet and didn't make any progress on Klara. I have to figure out my priorities here.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Cate! I came to see your Klaralund colors (turns out, it's the same that I am using. Duh. I'm not a number remembering person) and stayed for the great writing and like-minded parenting.

I know it's wrong to be just the teeniest bit happy when the children are in recuperating mode and all snuggly and quiet, but hey- a respite is a respite.

Cate said...

Golly, Ruanne. (Shuffling feet...) That's real sweet of you to say. Clearly you are a woman of taste and refinement--similar parenting, same choice of Noro colors....Nice to hear from you, and I can use all the sympathy and comiseration I can get, LOL. And a few more early bedtimes wouldn't hurt either. Oh, did I mention that after going to sleep about 7:45 last night, they both woke up ready to PAHTAY at FIVE THIRTY? Not much of a respite, but it was nice while it lasted. So where's your blog? ;) Ooh, I just love comments!