Wednesday, October 6

Haiku, (almost) FO

Here is Haiku for Eleanor. Well, it's still HUGE on her--so it's kind of for Eleanor in two years, sigh. My spinning teacher warned me that handspun sometimes expands after it is knit. Or something like that--I had trouble understanding exactly why, but I got the gist that your swatch might be on and then your knitting might be off, and that is what happened. Heck, it happened with Klaralund too so maybe it's not the handspun. Anyway, it's lovely, soft, and will be very warm if she can ever fit into it. I like this pattern a lot, and if knitting this hadn't been such a bloody trial, I would do it again. You'll notice that the right side is smaller than the left. Perhaps you'll notice it, but I'll do my best to ignore it. I have another half a body piece in an even bigger size, lol, so this is an improvement, and it hasn't even been blocked so I should be able to make it mostly disappear.

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