Friday, October 8

One Kind Day

I've been RAOK'd!

What a day for kindness! I'm loving all the comments on my blog lately, and today, Annie RAOK'd me with an invite to I've thought of joining them quite a few times before, and I think it would be an awesome and highly improved alternative to staying up late watching bad tv (more specifics on that in a minute). I get to download two books. I need to figure out which ones; this is going to be a challenge. I have a deadline at work today (of course that's why I'm blogging right now!), so I will make that my reward for getting this report out the door.

I also got a wonderful card from Gracie that she sent to the entire RAOK list. It was a really nice way to start the morning. I still haven't used the gc Lisa Y sent to Adagio teas. I'm thinking a proper teapot. We have one but it belonged to Rhys' beloved grandmother, so I'm frankly afraid to use it even though Rhys' mom gave it to me. A nice, cheap, mass-produced one, made in China and NOT hand-carried back to the US by an in-law would be a good thing, lol. The RAOK is such a nice group, and I'm really glad I had the chance to join. Fun!

As for bad TV, despite my attempts to pretend to be an intellectual, I love the Survivor and The Apprentice. I watched The Amazing Race religiously, but I have to say that it didn't make me cry, unlike two of my blog buddies, I might add. Then, after all the other shows are over, I settle in to watch Bravo: first The West Wing, then Celebrity Poker Showdown most nights. I do love the poker, though I recognize what a goofy habit this is, and I will now confess that I have a small crush on Phil Gordon. I know, weird. Really, that's a dorky picture, though. Hey, I'm a lesbian, I never said I had good taste in men, please! I also watched the World Series of Poker on ESPN a couple of weeks back, and then the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel this week. I know, you had never guessed this bizarre aspect of my personality. Back when we used to go to casinos, I was always too chicken to sit down at the poker table, which is probably good because I really didn't understand Texas Hold'em until Phil-baby explained it to me. But of course now that I have kids the chances of me going to a casino in the next ten to twenty years are pretty slim. Guess I won't be joining the world tour any time soon. Probably for the best, LOL. So between the poker thing and the reality tv thing and the insomnia thing and the knitting thing, there's a lot of bad TV going on in my house and some nice books that I can listen to and knit might be just the solution to keep me from running off to join the poker tour!

I have a lot of random and not-so-random acts of kindness that I *want* to do, but haven't had time yet. I meant to deliver my post-partum care package (tylenol, chocolate, dark beer, lansinoh, breast pads, and tucks) to a friend who delivered two weeks ago. She won't need it anymore and I've been driving around with it in my car! My friend who is laid up after her hysterectomy is still waiting to learn to knit. I have her yarn and Stitch n Bitch book, but no time to drop it off and actually show her. Next week, I swear! And then I have a few RAOK packages to send out, but haven't had a box, the stuff, and a free moment all at the same time to put it all together. Business trips always throw me for a loop. I have cut down work-related travel to one project per year (two this year), and it's still too many. I hate to be away from my nurslings for that long.

Okay, back to the other major distraction from the FUN stuff in life: work. I WILL get this report done today, I WILL!

Oh, Brit asked what yarn I am using in Klaralund (picture below). It's Noro Silk Garden #37. As a spinner, I admit to getting crabby when I hit knots, thin spots, and ridiculous amounts of vm in this rather pricey yarn. But the dye job is just so brilliant, I can't complain. I got it from Jenifer's ebay store--she's great and ships QUICKLY! I wanted to start Klaralund ASAP so buying from her was perfect for me.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and answering my question. I will have to check out your Noro source. I don't know anybody can do better than my source though ;) (and no I'm not telling who she is) LOL :)

If you do ever decide to come to Jamaica, give us a shout :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, don't feel bad. I'm a total reality tv addict! It's embarrassing, really.
Love Survivor and the Apprentice. I'm also strangely hooked on any show on the Discovery channel that has the word "Monster" in the title! And don't get me started on "Mythbusters"!
I'm glad I'm not into the poker tournaments, I'd never get anything done! I do hear that there's Celebrity Blackjack on the tv horizon. I might be in trouble with that! :)