Sunday, October 10


See how hard I am concentrating trying to take a picture of myself wearing Klaralund, LOL? It's looks a bit less flattering in this picture because of the angle, but I'm really happy with it and I think I made the right size. Yes, the sleeves are floppy, but that's okay. They actually roll up surprisingly easily. Oh, ignore the mess behind me. We cloth diaper and the changing table is an interesting place. Let's just say that fiber addict+cute cloth diapers+post-partum insanity=a huge stash of--erm--cute cloth diapers.
We spent the day at MIL's, which was fun. She just got back from a three week trip to Asia, including Mongolia, China, and Tibet. I asked her to bring me back some cashmere to spin from Mongolia (it's the world's biggest producer of cashmere), and she got me--wait for it--A KILO! I have a kilo of raw cashmere sitting in the car! It still has guard hairs, so I figure worst case scenario it will be about a pound of fiber. But a POUND of cashmere. OK, pinch me.
I do kind of feel like I'm not a good enough spinner yet to be worthy of this stuff (I also have a small bag of Quiviut that Impetua sent me, and I feel the same way about that--I need to get way better to be able to make yarn as amazing as this fiber).
So what is the next project? I am going to make felted slippers out of Kureyon for Henry and Eleanor, knit on the sweater for the mystery baby, and spin Henry's Einstein sweater yarn. I also have 30 skeins (110 yards, worsted weight) of Lana D'Oro--20 in one color and 10 in a mix of colors that would go nicely together--8 of a main body color, 2 of a contrasting color and 1 of another cc. I was thinking some kind of a ski sweater like EZ makes, using her techniques, but then I realized how totally out of style those are right now, LOL. I might make it anyway. Then I was thinking maybe something with a boat neck or modified boatneck, a hemmed--uh-- hem (lower edge), and a strip of fair isle along the bottom. But I'm not sure Lana D'oro is really the right yarn for that--probably a 100% wool, maybe even Cascade 220 (cousin to Lana). I think maybe I'll do some browsing though my patterns. Of course I also got three balls of a novelty yarn for gift scarves at my last Webs SEX day (just last week), so I can work on those. But it just doesn't feel right not having an adult sweater on the needles, you know? Yes, it's a little insane. I know. I'm used to it.


Anonymous said...

klara looks gorgeous! wonderful job. looks amazing on you.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Love the colors.

Kim said...

The sweater looks great! And a POUND of cashmere?!? I'm green with envy! Enjoy spinning it! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is very pretty. I like you with the short hair. I love the purple and green in that sweater.

I know you will do good justice to the cashmere.


Amy said...

Klara looks great on you! Congratulations on getting finished. BTW, love your blog title! Amy

Jenifer said...

Yea, Cate!

Your Klaralund is really beautiful, and you're beautiful in it! I just love those colors, and it's great to see it knitted up.

Wow! A whole pound of Cashmere! That's really amazing. I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it.

I just bought a bunch of Lana d'Oro on clearance at a somewhat LYS, and I'm making a set of pumpking hats and raspberry hats for babies ... have you seen those Fiber Trends patterns? I really love the yarn, and I'm trying to not go back for more (they were 50% off).


Anonymous said...

LisaPrit says:
I adore your sweater Mama, good job. It is nice to see it modeled on a real woman and not the waifish child they used in the book. I also love the shot of your bathroom. It looks suspiciously like my own!
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