Tuesday, October 19

Klaralaundry. Hopefully this will come through clear enough online that you can see how lustrous the fabric has become. I can't seem to get DP to come take a pic of me wearing it, but this gives you a sense of what the fabric looks like now, which is probably the more important question. Nice, huh? I kind of want to make another one.


Anonymous said...

That is to die for gorgeous. You're making me want to make one.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors! Lovely...


Jenifer said...

Hey mamacate,

Great to hear about your trip ... getting to do stuff with the kiddos like this just gets better and better! Sorry to hear about the parental nonsense, and the car nonsense ... but at least you have one good-lookin' Klaralund on your hands! [And I've always said that knitting is cheaper than therapy.]


Life's a Stitch said...

The wash made it even more beautiful, but I have the other problem. I need my pocho (made out of Silk Garden) to stretch. When I make my SG sweater I think I'll go slightly larger and do the wash. Love the way it looks.

Tamar said...

Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog - that subtitle truly made me laugh out loud! Your Klaralund is gorgeous. I'm a little concerned about the sizing and "openness" of the stitches on mine, so I'm glad to know I have recourse if need be.

Oh, and your twins are adorable! I have to admit I don't know what attachment parenting is, but it certainly sounds like something I'd do when I (hopefully) become a parent.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that picture of your Klaralund *sigh*, it's just gorgeous!
I'm also terribly jealous that you got to go to Rhinebeck! Lucky lucky you!
- Christine

Anonymous said...

This is probably a silly question, but did you wash Klara in cold water?

It's lovely!

Gracie said...

Beautiful! I know you are so proud!


Amy said...

Your Klara came out so beautifully! Congratulations! Love the pics of the twins. What great kids ( and lucky to have two mamas that love them very much!). Thanks also for joining the Academic Knits ring. Hope we can add some more folks.

Anonymous said...

Cate, thank you so much for the RAOK! You rock! I can't wait try out my new fibery goodness with my spindle! And the soap made everything smell heavenly!

Your Klaralund is gorgeous--I bet it's fabulous and drapey in that silk.


Anonymous said...

wow that's gorgeous! in your earlier post you said you needed about 5% shrinkage. is that what you got? i believe mine is going to be a bit big as well and given that beautiful mohair halo i don't think i want to rip it!