Wednesday, October 6

Part 3 of 2

Here's the rest of Klaralund. I got my one extra ball of yarn from Jenifer today. I would have had two plus extra balls after knitting the 40" size if I a) hadn't left the first body piece on a damn plane, and b) I hadn't gotten all OCD about the sleeve tops. Note that I am not getting OCD about the front and back.

The finished piece has green at the top; the second piece will not have any more green. Which do you think I should make the front piece? Hmm. I'm expecting to finish knitting this tomorrow night (I had hoped for tonight, but we were napless and two today, so very little knitting was done). It may be optimistic, though. I always think seaming will be quicker than it ends up being, plus did I put time in there for blocking? No. Grin. I think I'm allergic to blocking. I will end up blocking 3 sweaters at the same time (diagonal progression, Klara, and an alpaca turtleneck I finished years ago but have yet to really wear--oh yeah, and Haiku!).

I also meant to mention in the post below that I ordered some groovy fimo buttons for Haiku. They only had one in stock. I had planned to do those silver claspy things, but they didn't have any and I thought the pink fimo would be right up El's alley.


Anonymous said...

Klara and Haiku both look lovely!

Emily (Fiber RAOK)

margene said...

Your Klaralund is beautiful! Love the color more than any I've seen. Thanks for stopping by my place!

Anonymous said...

Is that Noro yarn (if so what is and what colourway)? Those colours are great! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Brit (a fellow FiberRAOKer)

Gracie said...

Klaralund looks fab! I love the colorway!

I am so glad you liked the ecard - the thank you card was adorable!

Have a wonderful Friday!