Tuesday, October 12

Klara, still unblocked

Here is Klaralund. DP left on a week-long business trip this afternoon, so I got her to take this pic this morning, realizing that it might be hard to get a flattering picture if the 2-year-olds took it (though they would be thrilled to oblige). I am blocking it tonight (wet blocking, and some more vm came out when I washed it, oy) and I'm hoping to get rid of some of that ripple down at the bottom. It was feeling a bit too drapey and loosely knit so I'm hoping that the mohiar blooms a little bit when it's washed and fills things in a bit. Otherwise I have questions about whether it will hold its shape.

I cribbed off Jenifer of Knitting at 5337 (I can't seem to get Hello/Picasa to process links, though other html code seems to work--she's in my blogroll)and made little slits (I'm sure there's a better word) at the lower edges. You can kind of see the one on my right hip. I like the detail, though I worry that it contributes to the rippliness. Jenifer was much more clever and designed hers to eliminate the selvedge stitches, which she cast on at the point where she would join the seams, but I wasn't so clever. Anyway, the blocking looks like it has firmed things up a bit so I'm optimistic.

I'll try to post yet another picture (you'll be sick of looking at me in this thing, as will all my IRL peeps) when it's blocked. And I'm having some ideas for the Lana after browsing through EZ books. How about a NALGAR? Hmmmm....


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! And I bet you & Klaralund would look just fine, even photographed from the 2 year old angle (I know of what you speak tho- every time I develop a disposable camera, there is some horrifying picture of me and my chins, taken from waist level)

Tess said...

What a wonderful job. I just started on my Klaralund today and am using the same colorway. It is just beautiful. This is my first time knitting a sweater so I hope I have the right gauge.