Thursday, November 4


There are some interesting maps emerging around what my friend Keith likes to call the interweb.

Worthy of reptition:

But also, here is a reminder that all those red states aren't totally red, and there are a lot of people all over the country who...well...have not lost their minds:

And then, soberingly, a historical perspective from

Now for some knitting content. Wendy talked today about sweaters reminding you of the time when you were knitting them. I spent my GOTV call time knitting a novelty yarn scarf for a gift. While some of the sweaters I made during the saddest times are treasured items, I'm not sorry I'm giving that scarf away. Hopefully it will take with it the hope and dedication of that time.

One more thing. Did you see the movie Friday Night Lights? If not, this might not make much sense, and it will be a spoiler if I explain it, but thinking about the campaign, and how progressives and democrats came together and gave it our all: we were perfect. That's something to hold on to.

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