Tuesday, November 2

Please Vote

Please go vote. Please vote for Kerry. Please call your friends and family who live in swing states and who support Kerry and remind them to go vote. Thank you.

I am sick today, so instead of going to NH, I went to a phone party here in town and called 120 people in Michigan to remind them to go vote.

Early numbers look good, but it is still very, very, very close. We need a decisive win to avoid a long and drawn-out court challenge.

If you, or someone you know needs a ride to the polls, email me and I will get you hooked up.

I wrote a long, detailed post full of knitting content, finished objects and photographs, and my computer died before I saved it on Blogger, and it is gone. From now on I will compse my posts in Word. Okay, from the *next* post on. I suppose I'll never learn.

But hey, we shouldn't be blogging or reading, we should all be getting to the polls to take back our country.

Thank you for voting...


Suzanne said...

i thought about you all last night.
::big hugs::

Anonymous said...


Hello, fellow NaNo WriMO participant :) I was just wondering how your writing is going? I can see already that this is going to be a LOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG month.

Oh and I am going to throw my Silk Garden top in the washing machine. I am just procrastinating because I am VERY scared :)