Sunday, November 14

Moving Target

I have finished Nick's Kureyon Cardi, blocked, buttoned, and woven in (I'm such a slacker about putting on the final touches). And lo and behold, he actually wore it. He actually likes it! Since I have now had the majority of the items I have made for them shrugged off and rejected, this is a small miracle.

So it seemed like a small thing to take a picture of the final product, being modeled by my son.

Uh, yeah, he's two. And my camera has a 1-second delay.

I decided to animate the scene for you:

That blurry one in the middle there, that's the one that started out "aw, what a great smile....whoa, where are you GOING???" Oh, to see the dog. Gotcha. (If it's not animating, try reloading--I set it to only go "around" once.)

The sleeves are a little short, but I think I can reblock and get those into better shape. For longer-term wear (since DS seems to only grow UP and never get a hair past skinny), any advice for lengthening sleeves, both from the cast on and the bound off edge since this was knitted side-to-side? I lent out my copy of The Knit Stitch, which I think has information on this.

As for other projects, I am trucking along on Eloise, but am still not sure how I feel about her. The colors are awfully loud; I just don't know if I'm going to want to wear it when I'm done.

I'm most of the way through the back.

My inability to fully commit to Eloise is causing me to get into a ridiculous frenzy of project starting. The only thing that makes me feel better is that they're all stash-busters. Here's a round-up:

At the top-left is a teeny tiny glove made with teeny tiny size 0 DPNs. It's still in the floppy stage of DPN knitting (I think I'm on all of row 3, and with 42 stitches on the thing I'm not exactly impressed). I'm using the 90% of a ball of Rowan Calmer that I have left over from Shedir.

Next, going clockwise, is sweater for Eleanor that I think I will call "Pinkola." I got this yarn on way-big closeout from Webs, I think a bag of it was $15 or something. It's a super-chunky chenille that I'm knitting at 3 sts/in. It's going to be a cardi for her, but since I'm already annoyed at the garish colors, big gauge, and non-wooly hand of Eloise, Pinkola is not exactly providing the balm I need.

Finally, at the bottom is a photo and the first two rows of a Lopi sweater for my step BIL. Rhys' siblings, step-siblings and spouses all draw names so that we don't all spend a bazillion dollars and hours shopping for everyone in the family. Three years ago I gave a lopi sweater, and I'm doing it again. This time I'm really staying in the dollar limit, though, because this yarn is from my stash. The black icelandic is from an ill-conceived project (hey, I need a black sweater--that will be cool for going out dancing--not at 3 sts/in you don't!) I started FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. You probably guessed that when I mentioned going out dancing, huh? Yeah, we were going out dancing to "Pump Up the Jam."

I even have proof. Check out the receipt, which was actually still in the bag. 1989. No lie.

Sheesh. Anyway, Froggy, you will be proud of me. Even though I hate to rip, I will frog that stupid thing and make it into a lovely warm sweater for step-BIL, who is a carpenter and works outside for much of the winter. I do think he'll like it.


Anonymous said...

that cardi is fabulous. what a cutie. love the action shots and that's great progress on eloise. i have to start new things all the time and stash busting makes me feel better about it too.

way to go on the ripping(hehe).

alice said...

ok i REALLY loved that animation... i think that's the only true way to show a 2 year old.

oh, and those colors? HOW fantastic. i think my HAIR has been each of those colors at some point, wow, wow. how does the fabric feel when knitted up? i'm thinking i might just need to replicate it.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL! I was just getting around to posting a blog entry about the myriad of projects I have started in the last few days!!!

CUTE animation, and the sweater looks great. I'll bring my copy of The Knit Stitch to thanksgiving - but I think you could just pick up along the sleeve ends and add a few inches.

-- Sara

Anonymous said...

Fantastic animation ! Fab cardi !
I like your Eloise.Doesn't look too bright at all.I hope it grows on you. :0)


[Emma & Co]

Mommio said...

Hey, looks like you got a good shot in there though! I can so relate. I don't think I have any pics of my two-year old smiling and looking happy. They are all either the "don't take my picture" look, or of his backside as he rushes off!

Anonymous said...

Geez, Blogger doesn't like my comments or something. I tried this one earlier and I don't think it went through, so here we go again. I LOVE that animation. Fabulous! And that yarn receipt -- fantastic! You go, girl! -- Norma


Anonymous said...

PS - garish, I like garish. At least in the Eloise incarnation. Just in case you really don't like it once it's knit up :)