Wednesday, November 3

Now You're Talking

A New Map?

Maybe I don't have to move all my stuff to a place with even worse weather than we have here. Stephanie at Yarn Harlot says that lots of them would vote for Martin Sheen. (See thing #4.) Do you suppose that if we brought Martin Sheen they'd have us? I know we sometimes leave the top off the toothpaste tube and we don't always do our dishes, but we're willing to learn French and we promise to take out the recycling.

Thanks for listening to the last thing. I felt much better after writing that. And Suz, not creepy at all, I think all us activists have to keep each others back in that way, and pick things up when the other one is too tired to keep carrying it. Thank you. You made me smile. And Emma, thanks to you too. Thanks for understanding that it's not all of us here, just some. Some of us don't understand them anymore than the rest of the world does. See the above map. :)

Hanging in there...


Jenifer said...

Hi Cate,

I'm with you ... I need to give myself a month before I take myself seriously, but we really want to leave the country, too. I stood on a busy street corner on Election Day with a Kerry sign, and it was appalling the number of people that booed/cursed/swerved/etc. at us. Such hatred! Negativity! I can't believe that I live in the same country as these people. I'm trying to take solace in the fact that Colorado's elections turned out heavily Democratic. Take care!

Anonymous said...

DEVISIVE! You and other non-GOP supporters are reading a lot into votes that were cast. 59 million Americans are OK with the current administration. I like Geo. Bush. I like Dick Cheney. I didn't see John Ashcroft (who is an embarassment) or Halliburton (what did they ever do?) on my ballot. I thought John Kerry gave a very nice speech yesterday. Please understand that part of the problem is that although he sounded very thoughtful and intelligent when interviewed, he also didn't sound that much different from what we already have. He didn't make any outrageous promises. He didn't say he was going to do anything dramatically different. By the way, definitions of civil unions never entered my mind, either. That wasn't on my ballot.